Energy is a hot topic. Prices go up and down and not al situations or companies are optimal provided with the necessary tools to guarantee an economical and efficient use of local energy. 
We are developing a battery container with multifunctional use. It provides solutions for current and future challenges in private and business circumstances. With this system you enlarge your independency from the energy-grid and liberates you from the stress of an expensive and packed energy network. It offers a sustainable and efficient solution for your energy situation.

- What is this battery container? 
Very simple, it’s a 20 feet sea container filled with recycled lead-acid batterys which can provide or store energy. This way we try to offer a green and efficient solution for al energy related issues. 
Just like our data and crypto containers we guarantee a trustworthy, quality product. If needed scaleable and adapted to your wishes and services. 
The containers can be used flexibly in any location. You can provide and or store energy anywhere, anytime. 

- Why lead-acid batterys?
We designed a system in which lead-acid batterys are the base of the system. Avoid self-igniting and polluting lithium batterys and choose a sustainable and cheaper alterative.
Important: in comparison with lithium batterys, the lead-acid batterys are used more efficiently. We go for gold! 

- Ideal in combination with green energy, solar panels or wind turbines. 
Do you have a wind turbine(s) or solar panels? This is where the battery container proves it’s true value and can make a big difference. If you generate more than you use, the energy is stored in the container. When needed the most, for peak shaving or night times with no sun available, it is ready to use. Or put it on the grid when rates are favorable. 


    Regulate your energy consumption during peak hours. When not enough power can be supplied from the grid at peak times, our battery system will help. The container is charging during the day through solar, wind or the normal grid. If needed, it is ready to be used.

    Our battery container is easy moveable and thus ready to use anywhere en can provide temporarily energy supply. 

    Your location remains charged from energy even during low or feeble energy supply from the grid and even during black outs.

    Potantial overly charged capacity can be stored in the containers en later traded at favorable rates on the energy grid. 

    More sustainable than diesel generators because there is no use of fossile fuels. There is no co2 emmissions en therefore no emmission costs.

    No noise disturbance like you have with the use of old fashioned generators.