Our MZ-UNIT is a mezzanine built cube which include all technical features for the creation of a state of the art datacenter. Make a safe space for your machines with temperature control, high quality electrical components and maximum use of space.
HPC computing • Data storage • Crypto mining


  • 6,6 m wide x 2,5 m deep x 3,5 m high 
adjustable shelves which fit 160 S19 miners or 150 HPC computers
louvers and filters for quality air control 

  • power cabinet with A-grade electrical components

Build as many units possible to fill your room. Create different floors up to three high and build your personalized data computing center. 

    Extra rooms can be made for a complete company setup. Offices, storage, staircases to reach all floors, forklift loading docks and sanitary, kitchen and dressing rooms if needed. Because mezzanine is such a versatile system, we can build the rooms and floors exact to your specific needs. 

    Get in touch for your personalized MZ-UNITs.