Airfiltration racks deal with Arkon

Arkon Energy, a leader in renewable-powered data centers, has solidified a significant deal with Kontena to bolster its cooling infrastructure in Hannibal, Ohio. The partnership centers around the delivery of advanced filtration racks, crucial for Arkon's burgeoning Ohio project.

In this collaboration, Kontena will supply 275 air filtration racks tailored to the specific needs of Arkon Energy's facility. These racks will be deployed across 200 data containers, enhancing cooling capabilities with an estimated capacity of 100 megawatts (MW) distributed across six sites. Arkon Energy, known for its commitment to exclusively baseload renewable electricity, recently expanded operations into the United States. Their acquisition of a high-capacity data center facility in Hannibal, Ohio, marked a significant milestone, offering up to 100 MW of data processing power.

air filtration

To meet the urgent demand for enhanced air filtration systems, Kontena modified their standard rack system. This adaptation ensures easy installation on-site at the Ohio facility, with the filtration racks seamlessly integrated from the exterior of the data containers. Kontena's filtration system boasts maximum surface coverage in customizable configurations, employing a user-friendly modular design that effortlessly retrofits existing data containers for optimized cooling efficiency.

A key factor in this endeavor was Kontena's collaboration with ArcelorMittal, a producer of unique steel not manufactured in the U.S. This distinctive material played a vital role in crafting the filtration racks, underlining the innovative approach adopted by Kontena to meet the project's requirements.

The choice for Kontena’s filtration rack solutions is based on the longstanding partnership between the two companies and Kontena's proven track record of quality and efficiency. In this collaboration, Arkon Energy and Kontena demonstrate a shared commitment to innovation and efficiency, laying the foundation for a successful data center expansion in Ohio.


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