Kontena Delivers Custom Data Container for Testing of Innovative New ASIC Design

Antwerp, Belgium – Kontena, proudly announces the successful delivery of a datacontainer to an innovative blockchain chip startup based in Tel Aviv, Israel.

They selected Kontena to supply a specialized datacontainer for the testing of their in-house develop ASIC devices. The deal came forth of a shared commitment to quality and innovation and the ambition to making a mark in the blockchain en data market.

Kontena takes pride in offering tailored solutions to meet the unique circumstances and specific requirements of every client.
Jef Laurijssen CEO

The M3 data container, adjusted to their specific requirements, features an efficient fan system designed to endure the hot climate of Israel. The company approached us with the very specific demand to a tailor made datacenter container, with smaller dimensions, specifically designed to fit the site’s available space. Providing a fast oversea delivery, the container now stands ready to support the startups product testing endeavors.

Featuring advanced attributes, the delivered datacontainer is a variant of Kontena's M3 model. Outfitted with smart-lock, sensors and cameras, adding the neccecery security for operations in remote locations. Intelligent Power Distribution Units (PDUs) provide smart monitoring and control to their ASIC devices. The container underwent testing and certifiaction under ISO 668:2020 to withstand the challenges of maritime transit. Its flawless arrival in Israel underscores the precision and quality upheld by Kontena.

Kontena prides itself on offering customizable solutions that prioritize modularity, ease of deployment and cost efficiency.

This partnership marks Kontena's commitment to innovation and superior solutions, while their choice of Kontena exemplifies a shared dedication to excellence.


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