AFU - Air Feedback Unit

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Are you working in a freezing environment? Your cold isle getting too cold? We have the perfect solution, meet our AFU. The Air Feedback Unit is developed and built in our factory.

With a built in thermometer, which you can set at any temperature, the fan starts blowing hot air from the hot isle into the cold isle untill the temperature is just right. Simple but very efficient piece of work. Both eco-friendly and super easy to use. Same measurements as an S19 miner, so The Air Feedback Unit fits in any mining rack.

Easy set up, easy air control.

Production capacity: 100 per week
Shipping: Anywhere in the world

Price: Please reach out for prices and possibilities
Measurements: 195 x 285 x 230 mm
Included: fans, cables, thermometor with built in control board and magnet

Please reach out
for a quote and shipment costs.