Immersion Cooling Fluid DC 20

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This single-phase immersion fluid, also known as dielectric fluids or cooling liquids, has been developed to meet the needs for data centre, edge computing, blockchain and other IT applications. These fluids have properties that make them effective for dissipating heat and cooling electronic components. Immersion cooling can help to increase the overall efficiency and sustainability of IT operation while ensuring hardware integrity due to material compatibility properties as well as ensuring safe operations.

Perfectly in combination with our Immersion Cooling Systems.

Castrol ON Immersion Cooling Fluid DC 20 is a synthetic hydrocarbon based dielectric coolant.

$7,6 / 1000L
$6,8 / starting at 5000L

Transported in IBC-containers.
Technical information on request.

• low viscosity fluid providing excellent flow properties
• excellent thermal properties
• superior oxidative stability, low temperature properties and hydrolytic stability
• excellent dielectric properties
• compatible with most commercially available elastomers
• Zero Global Warming Potential (GWP) cooling solution

€-,- / 1000 L

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