Power Distribution Units

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You want to buy the best PDU’s for crypto mining available in the market? Smart or non-smart? We have custom built PDU's and those who fit into our Power Distribution Rack.
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Custom built PDU

Any size or specifications that you need, we can provide. Get in touch and we will design and build your customized PDU.

Specify your own tailored solution for your desired application:
  •  any dimension
  •  smart or not smart
  •  MCB, thermal breaker or fuses
  •  fast lead times
  •  branding (tag it with your logo and design)
  •  certified

Standard M3 PDR

Our standard M3 PDR or Power Distribution Rack, is a PDU that is designed to fit into our Kontena racking system. It’s an integrated part of the rack and makes for easily adjustable shelf heights and proper cable management.

The PDR has 12 C19 sockets, each protected by a thermal breaker or circuit breaker. The PDU has a maximum power output of approximately 45kW with a 63A 400V power input. 

The PDR has room for a 19 inch or 10 inch switch, allowing for flexible network integration and avoiding cable clutter. 

In the back of the PDR, an integrated cable gutter ensures that input cables can be stored in a clean and safe manner.

  •  frequency: 50-60Hz
  •  power input: 63A 400V 3 phase
  •  outlets: 12 x C19 plugs 230V
  •  thermal breakers or MCB’s on each plug
  •  connectable cable gutter on backside for easy cable management
  •  room for network switch

Extra features can include:

  • power metering and/or switching on each individual plug
  • climate sensoring
  • branding (tag it with your logo and design)