Get to know Kontena

We began as builders in the high-density data market but over the years evolved from infrastructure providers to all around solution providers. Through a collaborative and creative approach we provide your company with the tailored solutions powering your success .

At Kontena, we cherish the boundless power of ideas as the true resource that possesses the remarkable ability to transform the mundane into something of extraordinary value. We accumulated the network, experienced the market and faced the same challenges our clients face making us the ideal go-to partner in the HPC market.

Creative Solution

At Kontena, we approach complex problems with creativity and a willingness to challenge conventional thinking. Our team is driven to solve our customers’ challenges in innovative ways.


Every client is unique, and we recognize the importance of personalized service. With our team’s expertise, we tailor solutions to align with your specific operational demands ensuring that your project is not just another transaction, but a collaboration aimed at achieving your objectives.

Involved from A-to-Z

We’re involved in every step of your project, from conceptualization to completion. Why? To ensure that we meet your technical requirements, as well as your time-to-market and budget expectations. Our A-to-Z involvement underscores our commitment to your success.