ICE – HPC Cooling Unit

ICE – HPC Cooling Unit

Discover the ICE – HPC Cooling Unit, Kontena’s seamless and energy-efficient cooling solution designed to integrate with the EDGE – HPC Data Room modular equipment. The ICE Cooling Unit consists of an adiabatic dry cooler and pump skid. For hot climates, the cooling capacity can be upgraded with an integrated chiller.

To ensure the smooth operation of high-performance computing applications, effective cooling is crucial.

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Part of the KONNECT HPC ecosystem

The product is part of our KONNECT ecosystem. We provide an extensive array of modular components designed to seamlessly initiate any High-Performance Computing (HPC) operation. Our products range from power supply units and data rooms to a variety of cooling solutions. By utilizing top-tier components and leveraging smart modular design, we introduce an alternative to traditional data centers. This approach not only cuts costs but also accelerates deployment and improves scalability at any location.


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Quality Cooling for Every Server


The ICE provides quality cooling, ensuring your servers run at optimal performance, preventing downtime, and protecting hardware, data, and energy efficiency. The adiabatic cooler is engineered to operate in both wet and dry modes with standard UV sterilization to inhibit legionella growth. Equipped with variable speed EC fan technology, it achieves significantly lower energy consumption (up to 75%) and reduced noise levels (20dB).

Optimal Performance

Paired with the cooler is the pumping skid, a closed-circuit system housing three pumps (primary and standby) that alternate to maintain optimal performance. The skid comes loaded with additional features, including a pressurization set, glycol measurement and dosing, pressure-based speed control, local pump isolators and more.

Preconfigured and internally linked

The cooler and pump skid are PLC controlled and are equipped with Wi-Fi & 3G to allow wireless monitoring and control. The entire module is preconfigured and internally linked. Just connect the return and supply lines to the EDGE module and it’s ready to operate at full capacity. All components are MODBUS and BACnet compatible.


All pumps, steering and electrics are fixed in an inforced half open container base which fits perfectly on top of the EDGE - data room.

Type of cooling unit

To significantly reduce the PUE of the system and overall cost, a calculation is performed to determine if the system can be cooled solely with the use of an adiabatic dry cooler. The feasibility of adiabatic cooling depends on the desired data room temperatures and the specific site location.

Long-Lasting Durability

Our materials are carefully selected to suit specific site conditions, ensuring long-lasting durability. All materials are used with the site locations in mind avoiding possible corrosion. Electric components are from the trusted Schneider brand, including the variable speed inverters.

Key Features

Shipped as a single unit

Both dry cooler and pump skid are housed in a single open container frame, stackable on top of the EDGE container for reduced installation footprint.

Contains pumps and dry cooler (or chiller)

Redundancies are N+1 but can be built as per the customer’s request.

Easily connects to EDGE

One power cable and 2 flexible cooling lines (supply and return) are all it takes to get the system up and running.

Minimal power usage and noise emissions

By utilizing variable speed EC fans, sound levels and energy consumption are reduced. This is possible because the fan speed of all fans automatically varies alongside with system demand instead of running fewer fans at full speed and shutting the other fans off completely.

Maintenance solutions worldwide

Through a strong partner network, maintenance or critical support can be offered worldwide.

Remote monitoring and control

Using a central PLC unit to control (read and/or write) all operations, with communication and safety interlock functions.

Materials to meet specific site conditions

Constructed using the right materials for saline or corrosive environments.

Calculated for each project / region

Depending on the location of deployment, we calculate the ideal cooling options in order to reduce the PUE. Keen to eliminate the use of chillers, but with enough realism to ensure a well dimensioned system that can keep running all year round.

Premium products = high efficiencies

To further reduce the PUE and increase longevity, premium brands are used in all areas.