M-Line Mining

M-Line Advanced Scalable Mining Solutions

The M-Line offers a modular, efficient solution for rapidly setting up operations next to your energy source. Join us at the forefront of mining innovation. Prioritizing scalability, precision, and seamless integration, it stands out as a leader in modular mining solutions.



Introducing an alternative to brick and mortar digital asset mining facilities that trims construction and administrative costs, accelerates deployment, and enhances scalability. Built with containerized, modular components and precision engineering, specifically for Bitcoin and other crypto mining. It is quickly deployable and can scale from a single container to larger operations. Within our standardization, we have forseen maximum customizability with lots of options and add-ons possible.

  • M3 Air cooled containers

    Designed for enhanced productivity and efficiency in mining operations. These containers offer rapid setup, compatibility with air-cooled ASIC miners, and low operational costs, making them ideal for colder or moderate climates. Key features include quick deployment, versatility, and easy maintenance.

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  • L3 Immersion cooled containers

    Redefines electronic component cooling with dielectric fluids, efficiently dissipating heat, maintaining lower operating temperatures, and preventing thermal throttling. This method ensures enhanced performance, reliability, and extended system lifespan, while also reducing energy consumption for sustainable operations.

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  • H3 Hydro cooled containers

    Utilizes deionized water in a closed-loop system for superior heat transfer without direct contact with electrical components. This method offers increased cooling efficiency, scalability, and flexibility at a lower operating cost compared to traditional methods. Its energy efficiency, scalability, and environmental benefits make it a compelling option for optimizing performance and sustainability in mining operations.

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operational freedom

Kontena’s Connectable Containers

Combine the quality of our M-Line Mining containers with the advantages of a brick and mortar mining farm. The use of our M3c frees you from the constraints of a fixed building. A scalable approach, easy to install and portable. Consisting of modules that can be stacked and interconnected. These are building blocks that allow you to build your mining farm in a flexible manner.
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Air cooled ASIC mining container

The air cooled M3 mining containers are designed and built to maximize productivity and profitability for mining. With active or passive air cooling, the M3 line is the standard in cold and modest climates.

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Liquid cooled ASIC mining container

Immersion cooling systems based on our LEOPARD technologie offers a revolutionary approach to efficiently cool electronic components, ensuring optimal performance and reliability. We containerized this system for Bitcoin and crypto mining. Everything is placed inside a 20-feet containerframe.

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Hydro cooled ASIC mining container

Our H3-Hydro cooled ASIC mining container revolutionizes cooling efficiency with its innovative hydro cooling technology. Designed for optimal heat transfer and energy efficiency, this container ensures peak performance for your mining operations. With its closed-loop system and use of deionized water, our hydro cooling solution offers scalability, flexibility, and environmental benefits.

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GPU mining container

Our GPU mining containers are fully customizable and built to maximize profitability for GPU mining. Find out below about our GPU shipping containers and prices or discover our ASIC Mining Container.

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Mobile containerized mid and high voltage transformers have the advantage of being easy to ship to wherever you need it, with easy deployment. No need for much preparation, concrete slabs or construction work.

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Stand alone mining kit

Leopard offers a standalone mining solution ideal for smaller operations or buildings where containerized setups aren't necessary. With Leopard, you can efficiently mine Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies without the need for a dedicated container. This compact and versatile kit provides everything you need for effective mining, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

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Air Cooling

Passive air cooling relies on natural airflow, reducing energy consumption. Its simplicity and absence of mechanical components lead to lower environmental impact and operating costs.

Immersion Cooling

Submerges your miners in a dielectric fluid. It efficiently manages heat, improves energy efficiency, minimizes dust impact, ensures consistent cooling performance, optimizes space and reduces maintenance needs.

Hydro Cooling

Well-suited for climates with high ambient temperatures. This cooling method allows for precise temperature control, ensuring components operate within specified temperature ranges, preventing overheating and optimizing performance.

How we work

Modular Approach

Designed for scalability, the M-Line allows you to start small and expand as needed. Ready for immediate use, it minimizes setup time, allowing for a quick and efficient start. Plug and play.

Safe and Compliant

We adhere to industry standards and regulations, providing our clients with solutions that not only meet but exceed safety and compliance requirements.

One Stop Shop

For all your mining infrastructure needs, from cooling to the right electrics and hardware, all customized to your specific needs.

Project Planning

You have miners, or power, or an investment plan or you have all of the above and you are looking for the right partner. Let’s connect the dots together.

Client Centric Approach

Our approach ensures customized design and deployment that align precisely with your business objectives, facilitating an efficient and resulting in an efficient data center tailored.


Large Scale Production

If you are looking for only one crypto mining container, a hundred containers or a fully equipped mining farm? We can deliver your project, for all types of ASIC and GPU miners, in all types of climates, worldwide.
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Worldwide Hosting

We offer a secure and cost-effective environment for your miners. Our sites provide optimal conditions for mining hardware, ensuring high performance and reliability. With dedicated support, and advanced security measures.
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our promise

M-Line: Commitment to Quality

Kontena’s M-Line reflects our commitment to quality. We source components from leading manufacturers, ensuring each system passes stringent tests for reliability and performance. With Kontena, you’re not just investing in a product; you’re investing in a promise of excellence.
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