M3 Mining Containers for TeraKraft

TeraKraft is Expanding with two more M3 Mining Containers, Enhancing its Data Center.

September 2023

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Revitalizing Industrial Heritage: Transforming the TeraKraft Plant into a Green Data Center


The TeraKraft plant, a key part of Norwegian industrial history, has an 800 m² building integrated into a unique landscape. Converting this structure into a modern green data center while preserving its historic features presented a challenge.

Furthermore, the building’s narrow interior and distinctive dimensions required a careful approach to adapt it into a modern data center, all without compromising its historical integrity.


Bridging Past and Future: Kontena’s M3 Containers Revolutionize TeraKraft’s Data Center

Kontena’s creative and collaborative approach led to a solution – the connectable M3c containers. This unique design of mobile data center units allowed for the infrastructure to be deployed using the historic building’s existing gates. Once brought into the building, they were stacked and interconnected. The combined units allow for optimal use of the inner dimensions of the building without impacting the existing historic structures. Because M3c’s are plug-and-play, the data center was operational in no-time.

The newly delivered mining containers feature advanced power units, and security cameras, enhancing performance and security. Kontena also equipped the containers with an advanced fan set up to ensure efficient heat dissipation and temperature regulation for the optimal performance of the mining equipment.


Expanding Horizons: TeraKraft’s Growth Fueled by Kontena M3 containers

With Kontena’s M-Line, TeraKraft can easily bring in additional units, allowing efficient scaling as the business grows. This project highlights Kontena’s commitment to creativity and collaboration, providing solutions tailored to unique requirements. We look forward to further expand our collaboration with TeraKraft as they continue to service more customers looking for efficient green and high density data centers. For inquiries or more information, feel free to reach out to Kontena or TeraKraft.
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Terakraft didn’t want any run-of-the-mill crypto mining container, they approached Kontena knowing we provide customizable, scalable, and modular data centers, and we delivered.

Jef Laurijssen
CEO Kontena

Efficient Logistics


Pioneering Sustainable Transport Solutions with Kontena

After transport into Northern Norway. The 2 new units are added to the existing data center to provide extra mining space for new customers. The TeraKraft staff were installing new miners into the units within a week after the M3c containers left our warehouse. Swift transport, safely covered against wind and snow during the travel they arrived. Now TeraKraft has 6 of our M3c mining containers running smoothly. No problems occurred since the first time they started mining in their new data center inside the beautiful historical location.


This collaboration emphasizes Kontena’s commitment to delivering tailored solutions, especially in unique settings like the historical Stasjon location. The successful implementation of the six M3c containers now has Terakraft operating on a 100% hydroelectric power base, aligning with sustainability goals. This project has set the groundwork for a long-term partnership as Terakraft aims to expand its capacity further, up to 10MW.


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