Prototype Circular BESS container

A Prototype BESS Container, Capable to Run with Recycled Lead-Acid Batteries.

May 2023

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Pioneering Green Energy Solutions: Collaborating on a Prototype BESS container


At Kontena, we see potential opportunities in the transition to green energy. A Benelux energy solutions company approached us to collaborate on a Prototype BESS container for an energy solution. The task involved developing a containerized BESS that was modular, cost-effective, and easy to deploy and maintain.

This energy storage container was meant to operate on lead-acid batteries, known for their substantial weight. We had to design a special container that was space efficient and supports heavy lead-acid batteries securely.


Safety-First Approach: Ensuring Compliance and Reliability in Battery Energy Storage Container Deployment


Our efficient prototype project execution prioritized safety and successfully addressed all logistical challenges.

To guarantee compliance with relevant standards and regulations governing energy storage systems, we included safety features that effectively reduce risks associated with lead-acid batteries. The container’s design ensures easy accessibility and straightforward maintenance.

Meticulous attention was given to the electrical and control systems. This covered aspects such as wiring and also protection devices, grounding and power distribution.

To confirm the performance, reliability, and safety of the Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) container, comprehensive testing was done in the presence of our clients, ensuring its effectiveness under diverse operating conditions.


Empowering Sustainable Energy Solutions: Introducing Kontena’s Containerized Energy Storage Prototype


Our Prototype BESS container stands out as a notably efficient solution, being emission-free, durable, budget-friendly, compact, and sustainable. With these attributes, we are optimistic that this Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) prototype will emerge as a compelling alternative to traditional fossil fuel energy generators.

This successful case shows Kontena’s ability to leverage its data center design expertise to innovate in the world of containerized energy storage solutions. By taking this approach Kontena helps its clients in adopting more sustainable practices. This grants them greater autonomy and flexibility in managing their energy requirements.

This product proves that Kontena’s creative solutions can make a meaningfull difference in the energy sector.

Lars Vermeiren
Head of innovation

Changeable Batteries

Includes a UPS cabinet and a specialized rack structure for the batteries. The use of changeable batteries offers increased efficiency, convenience, and cost savings

Energy Capacity

Offers up to 350 kWh of storage with a potential power output of 270 kW.

Easy to Transport

Modular design makes the unit easy to deploy. This flexibility proves especially beneficial in situations where energy storage requirements fluctuate or temporary power solutions are necessary.