The Five Key Pillars of Kontena’s AI Datacenter Strategy

The Five Key Pillars of Kontena’s AI Datacenter Strategy

March 2024

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The rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and High-Performance Computing (HPC) is here and this era will present traditional datacenter architectures with an unprecedented set of challenges. The strong growth of AI and machine learning creates a need for data centers that can handle the technical challenges it poses. It’s not just about getting bigger, we need to rethink how data centers are designed to handle AI’s intense power and cooling needs.

Read all about Kontena’s AI Datacenter Strategy. Kontena addresses the demands of AI and HPC on datacenter infrastructure with the KONNECT ecosystem, featuring a range of modular components to kickstart any HPC operation.

We identified five pillars in our AI Datacenter Strategy:

1. Modular and Scalable Infrastructure

Recognizing the trend towards scalability in data center construction, we embrace a modular approach that allows for rapid evolution alongside technological advancements. Our KONNECT ecosystem, centered around the EDGE HPC dataroom, facilitates seamless scalability, operational freedom, and flexibility in site locations, bypassing planning and building permits.


2. Innovative Cooling

As computational density surges, traditional air cooling methods struggle to keep pace. There’s an urgent need for cooling systems capable of managing higher power densities.. Our approach tackles this challenge head-on with innovative and energy-efficient cooling solutions, such as our KONNECT ICE cooling unit within the KONNECT ecosystem. This solution integrates a dry cooler and pump skit, providing N+1 redundancies and seamless integration with EDGE-HPC dataroom. With tailored cooling units, our clients can achieve remarkable PUEs as low as 1.06, ensuring optimal efficiency and longevity.


3. Strategic Partnerships for Enhanced Capabilities

Guided by a bold vision and extensive experience, we leverage strategic partnerships to enhance our offerings. Our collaboration with ELIOVP, a prominent player in the HPC arena, ensures a steady supply of high-performance GPUs, addressing critical challenges faced by AI data centers. Together with ELIOVP we provide comprehensive support, from planning for business profitability to hardware acquisition and financing.


4. AI Datacenter Strategy and Sustainability

With increasing pressure to reduce carbon emissions, sustainability is paramount. Our KONNECT ecosystem boasts a low PUE, offering energy efficiency, cost savings, and environmental sustainability. Moreover, our modularity empowers clients to deploy near green energy sources, further aligning with sustainability goals and future-proofing against regulatory changes.


5. Focus on Quality

Quality is fundamental in an AI/HPC datacenter, considering the demanding power density requirements and critical need for redundancy. Our system features concurrent maintainability, enabling maintenance activities guaranteeing operational continuity. Our commitment to precision and quality ensures that each component, from cooling units to containers, meets rigorous standards for performance, reliability, fire safety and longevity. Featuring premium brands, we guarantee the highest standards of performance and reliability, providing peace of mind for both us and our clients.


In conclusion, our comprehensive approach in our AI datacenter strategy, combining innovation, sustainability and strategic partnerships, positions us as a leader in the evolution of AI data centers. Join us at Kontena, where our modular data centers with low PUE, scalable infrastructure, and expert support pave the way for future-ready AI data centers.


Jef Laurijssen

MBA Founder/Head of sales

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