Green Mining Solution Hydrokraft

Revolutionizing Digital Asset Mining: Hydrokraft's Journey with Kontena's Innovative Solutions.

July 2022

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Empowering Green Digital Asset Mining: Partnering with Hydrokraft for Sustainable Solutions

Hydrokraft is one of Europe’s largest data centers with an operational capacity of 30MW for green mining. Located in Glomfjord, Northern Norway, it’s powered with 100% sustainable hydroelectric power. Their ambition was to transform their site into a hub for green mining. Hydrokraft approached Kontena to help them kickstart this operation. They were looking for infrastructure solutions and client acquisition. More specifically a containerized solution for bitcoin mining and a partner that was able to assist in prototyping for custom mining rigs. They also hoped Kontena would activate its vast network in attracting clients to this project.


Delivering Modular Solutions and Brokerage Services for Hydrokraft

We supplied seven M3 containers. These units, specifically developed for digital assets mining, offer modularity, efficiency and easy setup for ASIC devices. Each container features a clean design, robust construction, holds up to 300 miners, power by premium electrical components. Modifications were made for dual mining capabilities, allowing the integration of new and legacy miners.

We also prototyped a miner case meeting their specific requirements, ready to fit a wide range of hashboards.

They expanded infrastructure and, through our brokerage services connected with our partner network. This led to the introduction of a major green mining operator to Hydrokraft, by using our brokerage services.


Kontena’s End-to-End Support for Hydrokraft’s Operational Expansion

This project illustrates Kontena’s continuous support throughout the entire process, from devising mining infrastructure solutions to attracting clients. The Hydrokraft facility has been successfully operational for several years, making it an example for green mining. Additionally, the client we connected with has entered into a colocation agreement with Hydrokraft and is currently overseeing the management of over 4,000 ASIC mining units.
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This successful partnership underscores our commitment to innovation and sustainability, setting a new industry standard for environmentally conscious digital asset operations.

Jef Laurijssen