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Explore Kontena's energy storage solutions for a sustainable future

In today’s energy landscape, we are on the brink of the transition from a fossil fuel-based economy to one powered by renewable energy sources. Kontena views this change as an opportunity. Our focus is on delivering reliable solutions without overpromising. We design and prototype innovative products, such as a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) and have the network of partners to help you with your project.

Partner-Driven Solutions

Our experience in building mining farms and data centers has provided us with insights into energy storage challenges. We have the network of partners and we can help you with advice and solutions for your project needs. Our goal is to deliver comprehensive energy solutions. Designed to meet a broad spectrum of needs while ensuring reliability and looking for sustainability. These solutions and products are part of what we call the Storgi Ecosystem.

Understanding Our Approach

With a commitment to reliability and innovation, Kontena specializes in delivering energy storage solutions that are tailored to the clients expectations. We design and prototype innovative products, such as a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) capable of working with recycled lead-acid batteries. We also collaborate closely with our partners to develop a Tier IV data center that runs on 100% clean energy. Learn more about our approach in our detailed case studies and reach out to start a conversation.

our vision

The energy landscape is evolving towards a more sustainable approach. We aim for a circular approach to energy – one that redefines production, usage, and disposal, focusing on sustainability and efficiency. Our Storgi ecosystem follows this philosophy, aiming to incorporate reclaimed materials to keep valuable components in circulation. This approach benefits the environment and aligns with our commitment to a greener future.
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our solution

BESS prototype

Kontena’s BESS Prototype container is designed to provide continuity and reliability in energy storage needs. It’s a solution suitable for various applications, from grid balancing to energy trading. Our case study showcases its implementation for a client in the Benelux region. By using our experience in developing sustainable data centers like the Bluesio project, Kontena provides in delivering efficient and eco-friendly energy storage solutions.
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Our collaboration

Building IRIS DC

At Kontena, our commitment to practical and realistic energy solutions is shown in our collaboration with Bluesio Technologies on projects like the IRIS DC data center. Our experience in co-designing such sustainable data centers provides us with expertise for advising you in your project. This project highlights our ability to integrate energy-efficient practices into large-scale data center operations, underscoring our expertise in building sustainable and innovative facilities.
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