GENSET – Power Generators

GENSET – Power Generators

Our Gensets are selected to match site integration, compliance with local regulations, combustion type (diesel, hydrogen) and preferred brands. Combined with our Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) container, the entire system is engineered for effortless installation and operation.

There's a GENSET for every job. Power, secured.

Pelle Verschueren
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Price: upon request

Shipment: 5 weeks

Our ecosystem

Part of the KONNECT HPC ecosystem

The product is part of our KONNECT ecosystem. We provide an extensive array of modular components designed to seamlessly initiate any High-Performance Computing (HPC) operation. Our products range from power supply units and data rooms to a variety of cooling solutions. By utilizing top-tier components and leveraging smart modular design, we introduce an alternative to traditional data centers. This approach not only cuts costs but also accelerates deployment and improves scalability at any location.
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There’s a GENSET for every job. Power, secured.

Like our entire KONNECT ecosystem, the generator is housed in a plug-and-play portable enclosure. This can be a custom unit or a standard ISO container. Whether through purchase or rental, Gensets are readily available to meet your power needs. A global network of skilled professionals is ready to provide 24/7 service and support.


Seamless Automatic Operation

Built to Measure if needed

Eco-Friendly Solutions

Remote Monitoring and Control

Comprehensive Support and Maintenance