High-Density Data Centers

High-Density Data Center solutions. Scalable, energy-efficient, and cost-effective for HPC and ASIC mining.

In an era dominated by AI, Machine Learning, Web3, and cryptocurrencies, there is a rising demand for high-density data center infrastructure. This demand, driven by rapid technological advancements, calls for strategic planning due to its high capital intensity, increased power output, and rising electricity costs. Kontena stands ready to solve your high-density data infrastructure challenges.

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Transformative Power Densities in Data Centers

A decade ago, Uptime Institute statistics indicated average power densities per rack at 4–5 kW in traditional data centers. Fast forward to 2020, this figure rose to 8–10 kW per rack. Kontena’s cutting-edge technologies now enable power densities up to 100kW per rack for High-Performance Computing and surpassing 150kW per rack for crypto mining data centers.

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The IRIS HPC center

The collaborative endeavor between Kontena and Bluesio Technologies aims to significantly enrich Europe’s data center landscape. Upon completion, the Iris Datacenter will not only stand as a high-capacity, state-of-the-art facility.It will also establish the city of Most near Prague as a notable hub for data centers in Europe. This project shows Kontena can cover many aspects of a high density data center project ranging from business planning to concept development to technical advice.
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Building high density data centers requires introduction of the latest technologies in cooling and power distribution, carefully balancing cost efficiency with redundancy, flexibility with scale.

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CEO Kontena

Navigating Power Efficiency and Sourcing Strategies

With the intensification of global conflicts and a pivot towards renewable power sources, electricity prices have surged. This shift necessitates a focused approach to power efficiency and strategic power sourcing. Key considerations include the affordability and sustainability of power sources, achieving high uptimes, optimal data center temperatures, and attaining low Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE).

Kontena is at the forefront, guiding you to secure the right power source and develop efficient infrastructure in the ideal location.

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Tailoring Solutions to Your Needs

Kontena offers diverse funding services, from attracting reliable equity investors to setting up financial plans for fundraising rounds or offering lease contracts for projects involving our infrastructure or HPC hardware.

Recognizing the importance of scalability and flexibility, particularly in the dynamic high-density data center environment, Kontena’s “modular flexible” methodology allows for growth and adaptation to evolving technologies, customer needs, and legislations. This approach enables you to start small and scale smartly, ensuring profitability and market leadership.

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Capital Investment in High-Density Data Centers

Building high-quality high-density data centers often requires substantial upfront investment. Traditional data center infrastructures can range from $30,000 to $6,000 per kW. However, with Kontena’s modular data center design, costs can potentially be reduced to approximately $2,000 per kW of installed capacity.

The variance in costs is influenced by choices in redundancy, maintainability, complexity, size, modularity, inflation, and geography. Making informed decisions is crucial. Kontena has experience in designing and implementing data centers with budgets as low as $100 per kW for early crypto mining projects to high-end, large-scale HPC data centers costing thousands per kW.

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