High-Density Data Center IRIS DC

Kontena is Part of the Joint Venture High Density Data Center Project IRIS DC in the Czech Republic.

November 2023

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Kontena collaborated with Bluesio Technologies, a leading European technology company specializing in High-Performance Computing (HPC) and data center services. Together, they worked on a groundbreaking project. The venture, named IRIS DC, marks a significant step in aligning with the European Union’s dual ambitions of digital and green transitions. The IRIS DC project in the Czech Republic aims to establish one of Europe’s largest eco-friendly high-density data center.


Powering the Future: Collaborating with Bluesio Technologies to Build Iris DC.


Bluesio Technologies is a company dedicated to the development of modern and innovative data center facilities.
Near the city of Prague, they intend to undertake the construction of IRIS DC. Originally planned for standard data center operations. Bluesio’s focus has shifted to future technologies, including HPC, AI, Big Data, and Web 3.0. Kontena gave strategic advice with this shift.
The data center will be designed to meet the highest quality standards and Tier Certificate Levels up to Tier IV. IRIS DC will be sustainably built with respect for the environment.

Building a high-density data center poses numerous challenges, from electricity and security concerns to server space requirements. The challenge in Europe, especially, lies in how to build and operate it as efficiently as possible. Simultaneously, there’s a need to take environmental considerations into account.

Knowing that Kontena designs and manufactures compute infrastructure for high-power and high-yield data centers they wanted to partner with us.


Innovative High-Density HPC Solutions by Kontena: A Modular Approach

We tapped into our network and expertise in building high-density data centers and we assisted Bluesio Technologies with financial and strategic advice, engineering and project execution.

On the engineering side we helped bring in Data Center Solutions Ltd – who built and operate one of the first Tier IV data centers in Europe.

Together we developed an infrastructure solution: M-Flex which will offer IRIS DC the flexibility to service the needs of a wide variety of operators and tenants.

In an technical advisory role we also brought ElioVP on board. ElioVP is an important storage provider who maintains exclusive partnerships with both AMD and SuperMicro. The only company in the world to offer a full stack solution. His focus will be on strengthening the HPC operations of the data center.


Transforming HPC Landscapes: The Impact of Kontena’s High-Density Solutions

Kontena played a crucial part in our client’s business planning and project execution. Our efforts included attracting investors and developing a financial plan with a renewed focus on HPC operations. Additionally, we worked on securing the required building permits. We also assisted in financial modeling, business planning, and the onboarding of investment funds, totaling over $250 million.
Powered by renewable energy and running a state of the art HPC operation IRIS DC will become one of the largest and most secure data centers in Europe. Both in design and applied technology the IRIS DC data center will make a mark in the cloud hosting market, on both price and and service level.

While most of the industry is trying to navigate the here and now, Kontena and Bluesio technologies hope to continue developing the data centers of the future.
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Near the city of Prague, they intend to undertake the construction of IRIS DC. Originally planned for standard data center operations, its focus has shifted to future technologies, including HPC, AI, Big Data, and Web 3.0, under the strategic guidance of Kontena.

Jef Laurijssen


Modular flexible mini data centers, or M-Flex, is a new type of data center that is designed to be highly flexible, modular, and scalable. These data centers are ideal for businesses of all sizes that need a reliable and efficient way to manage their data and computing needs.

Great Location

The location is ideal, since a significant data transmission node with a 100 gigabit per second capacity is available. A multi-carrier setup allows for flexibility in the choice of highly reliable ISP providers available in the region.

The IRIS DC cata center is a combination of technological excellence and sustainable practices. For those seeking to navigate the complex landscape of data management and security, IRIS DC shows how Kontena provided a forward-thinking solution. Reach out to us to explore how we can serve your data center and HPC needs.
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