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M3 – Air Cooled Mining

M3 – Air Cooled Mining

ASIC mining shipping containers or bitcoin mining containers are designed and built to maximize productivity and profitability for crypto and bitcoin mining.

Discover Kontena’s M3, the versatile and efficient mining container compatible with various cryptocurrencies and ASIC brands.

Modular mining setup for every location.

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Price: starts at €35.500,- (VAT not included)

Shipment: 7 to 10 weeks


Introducing the M-Line ecosystem

Welcome to the future of digital asset mining with Kontena’s M-Line, an advanced ecosystem meticulously crafted for the dynamic world of data centers and mining operations. Emphasizing scalability, precision, and integration, the M-Line stands at the forefront of modular mining solutions.
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Discover the Standard in ASIC Mining Containers

Starting a mining operation poses challenges. such as sufficient space for your machines, stable temperatures, all the right electrics and a dependable data connection. ASIC mining shipping containers or bitcoin mining containers are designed and built to maximize productivity and profitability for crypto and bitcoin mining.

We introduce a data center alternative that trims construction and administrative costs, accelerates deployment and enhances scalability. Built with containerized components, it is modular and quickly deployable.

operational freedom

Kontena’s Connectable Containers

Combine the quality of our M-Line ASIC Mining shippingcontainers with the advantages of a brick and mortar mining farm. The use of our M3c frees you from the constraints of a fixed building. A scalable approach, easy to install and portable. Consisting of modules that can be stacked and interconnected. These are building blocks that allow you to build your mining farm in a flexible manner.
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Clean and High Quality Design

Housed in a single 20ft ISO freight container frame with galvanized acoustic louvers and high-end electrics.

Shipped as a Single Unit

No hassle, just a single unit to handle it all. Differing for each location, keeping the unit mobile might also have a positive effect on building permits and other legislation.

Built in PDU rack

Our standard M3 PDU is designed to fit into our racking system. It’s an integrated part of the rack and makes for easily adjustable shelf heights and proper cable management. Smart PDU upgrades are possible.

What’s included in our M3 ASIC Mining Container?

Offering a plug-and-play solution not only ensures easy installation but also enables a quick go-live process

Racks and shelves for e.g. 160 (S19 form factor) miners

Standard containers are supplied with 16 PDU’s (PDR-63)

Powering the miners with standard C19 plugs

Large cold air inlet, hot air outlet

Big G4/M7 air filter section

Cold/warm aisle

CSC sea freight certified

Cooling using ASIC miner fans


Discover the Perfect Cooling Match for Your M-line Setup

Dive into our comprehensive range of cooling solutions tailored for the M-line, where efficiency meets innovation. From advanced liquid cooling systems to environmentally friendly adiabatic options, we’ve got the perfect match for your specific needs. Our team is ready to guide you through the selection process, ensuring your HPC environment is equipped with the most effective cooling strategy.
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  • Reinforced ISO freight – 20ft container frame
  • Galvanized/ Accoustic louvers
  • Camera security (optional)
  • UL Certification
  • Standard container door (other options possible)
  • Smart locks (optional)


  • PDU with 12 C19 plugs
  • Adjustable shelves for miners
  • Patch cabinet network connection
  • Electrical cabinet up to 750KW
  • Air Filtration Rack with aluminium or cardboard filters
    Swappable AIR filters

M-Line: Create your own configuration

It allows you a variety of options: stack and connect the M3c’s to make the structure you need. We can prototype and add utility containers, internal staircases, working spaces or additional entrance atriums. Scale up when your business grows by connecting more containers to the structure. The M3c saves you a lot of space in comparison to the use of individual unconnected containers. No need to allocate precious land space for opening individual container doors.
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