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Cardboard Air Filters

Cardboard Air Filters

Clean air is needed for an optimal mining environment. Kontena provides fast deployable filtration systems. This way, your container or building will provide optimal air conditions for your miners and you’ll have limited maintenance. Cardboard air filters bring you perfect air quality in your air cooled mining container or mining room.

Price: 40 Filters: €560,- excl. VAT

Shipment: 1 - 2 weeks


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Welcome to the future of digital asset mining with Kontena’s M-Line, an advanced ecosystem meticulously crafted for the dynamic world of data centers and mining operations. Emphasizing scalability, precision, and integration, the M-Line stands at the forefront of modular mining solutions.
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Cardboard Filters

fast deployable filtration



For perfect air filtration in your container we use standard M7 cardboard filters. Together with our filtration rack, these filters will give your data center optimal air conditions.

Key Features

Modest and cold climates

No mechanical components, silent operation, and cost-effectiveness characterize passive air cooling. Ideal for modest/cold climates with max temperatures of 25°C.

Air filtration

The container is equipped with a 110 m3/h filtration rack with 36 card board filters for optimal mining air conditions. The filters fit perfectly into the filtration rack. Standard moulded on the inside of the M3 and M3c containers. It is also possible to retrofit any existing mining container with this rack.

Passive cooling - energy-efficient design

Passive air cooling relies on natural airflow, reducing energy consumption. Its simplicity and absence of mechanical components lead to lower environmental impact and operating costs.

Active air cooling benefits

Extra filtration capacity with our active air cooling fan system. Upgrade your mining environment with extra cooling capacity by using a fans system. Active air cooling offers quick response, compact design and controlled cooling for enhanced system performance. Cost-effective and suitable for applications requiring dynamic temperature adjustments.