Filtration Solutions for Arkon Energy

A Custom Filtration Solution with Filtration Racks for Retrofitting on 200 Containers for Arkon Energy.

October 2023

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Arkon Energy, a renewable energy data center company, is expanding its operations in the United States. The company recently acquired a high-capacity data center facility in Hannibal, Ohio. There they deploy 200 containers across six sites with an impressive 100MW capacity. Arkon wanted to enhance the air-cooling efficiency of their mining containers. They approached Kontena to come up with a custom filtration solution and we used our expertise and network to come up with adjusted rack design.


Optimizing Cooling in Ohio: Kontena’s Customized Approach


Arkon Energy faced the challenge of optimizing air-cooling for its mining operations in Hannibal, Ohio. The need was clear: the existing data containers required additional filtration racks on one side to maximize cooling efficiency. Arkon wanted racks to fit the unique design of the containers and ensure seamless integration with the existing infrastructure. Consequently, the task demanded technical precision, the use of specialized materials, and innovative engineering solutions.

Having worked with us before, Arkon was well aware of our expertise in crafting creative modular solutions. Kontena works fast and within budget for this custom filtration solutions, all while maintaining high-quality standards.


Tailored Cooling Enhancements: Kontena’s custom filtration solutions for Arkon Energy

Kontena stepped in with a customized approach. Initially, we modified our standard rack system to accommodate Arkon’s specific container dimensions. Subsequently, this modification simplified the installation process at the Ohio site by ensuring that filtration racks smoothly aligned with the exterior of the data containers.

Furthermore, our filter system’s modular design makes it easy to add onto existing structures. Consequently, this improves cooling efficiency by covering more surface area and allowing for personalized setups.

An important element of this custom filtration solutions involved partnering with Belgian steel producer ArcelorMittal to use Magnelis steel, a material not produced in the U.S. This innovative collaboration notably highlights Kontena’s dedication to quality in addressing the specific needs of the project.


Enhancing Data Center Performance: The Outcome of Kontena’s Intervention


The outcome of this collaboration was the successful creation of a custom filtration solution and readiness of 275 filtration racks. Subsequently, Arkon installed these custom-made racks, which significantly resulted in optimizing their Hannibal site’s operational efficiency.

Furthermore, this project represents the latest example of the strong and ongoing relationship between Kontena and Arkon Energy. It effectively demonstrates our ability to provide tailored solutions in the high-density data center market, reinforcing our commitment to client-specific needs.
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Inhouse Design

Together with Arkon we determined the specifications of the product. Developing a design solution that was accessible, easy to install and maintain, and cost-effective, without compromising on efficiency.


The racks were produced and assembled in Antwerp, prioritizing precision and utilizing high-quality materials. Our process emphasizes both speed and safety. Specialized materials were used and the production was done meeting stringent technical standards.


The racks were assembled into a 40-foot container in Antwerp for shipping. From design, production, to deployment. Ensuring precision and safety at every stage, demonstrating our commitment to supporting clients throughout the process.

If you’re looking to enhance your data center operations with tailored, efficient solutions, Kontena is your go-to partner. Get in touch to explore how we can support your next project.

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