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Air Filtration Racks

Air Filtration Racks

Clean air is needed for an optimal mining environment. KONTENA provides fast deployable filtration racks and systems and delivers fully-ready filtration walls. Your operations will provide optimal air conditions for your miners and you’ll have limited maintenance.

The optimal air filtration system for your miners, addable on any surface.

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Price: €330,- euro per module exl. filters excl. VAT

Shipment: 2 -3 weeks


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Welcome to the future of digital asset mining with Kontena’s M-Line, an advanced ecosystem meticulously crafted for the dynamic world of data centers and mining operations. Emphasizing scalability, precision, and integration, the M-Line stands at the forefront of modular mining solutions.
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Filtration Racks

fast deployable filtration systems



In our standard 20ft M3 and M3c container frame, a 110 m3/h filtration rack is installed. Allowing maximal filtration surface in any custom setup. 1 standard module holds 12 x 24 inch pocket or panel filters, there are 3 modules in a 20 ft container

Rack for installing panel or pocket filters

Easy to connect frames

Can be build as wide as you want

Clamps that hold the filters in place tightly

Fast filter placement / replacement

Seals for air tightness

1 standard module hold 12 filters

Size: 1.847 x 2.380 m

Cardboard panelfilter M7 594 x 594 x 95 mm

For modest climates. Can be ordered per set of 40 filters.

Aluminium panelfilter 594 x 594 x 95 mm

To withstand cold/wet conditions. Can be ordered per set of 40 filters