Digital Asset Mining with Biogas

A Solution for Mining Digital Assets with Biogas.

August 2023

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Harnessing Surplus for Profit: The Challenge of Digital assets mining

The farm sought to diversify operations and monetize the surplus energy at its source. They wanted to start Digital Asset Mining with biogas and specifically through a mobile unit. The task at hand for Kontena was setting up a mining project involving procuring efficient ASIC miners and deploying a mobile Bitcoin mining container to utilize this excess energy, transforming it into a potential revenue stream.


Innovative Containerized Mining: Kontena’s Tailored Solution

Kontena’s solution-driven approach led to the development of a detailed business plan, providing financial insights about running mining operations. Because of the farm’s remote location and specific requirements the client choose for a containerized solution. The M3 container, a flagship model from our M-LINE, is a 20ft DC shipping container transformed into a high-density data center, ideal for Bitcoin mining. The M3 container comes with racks and shelves for 160 S19 form factor miners, 16 PDUs (PDR-63), a powerfull power cabinet, and an air filtration rack system. This modular and weather-resistant unit was tailor-made for the client’s specific scenario in Sankt Vith, ideal for Digital Asset Mining with biogas.


Seamless Mining Operations: The Outcome of Customized Solutions

We delivered the mining container to their farm. We outfitted the unit with sourced miners, installed the required electrical setup, and it is now poised to commence mining operations.

This project shows Kontena’s commitment to providing tailored solutions. Each mining project has its own context, its own set of challenges. Kontena helps clients navigate these in an effective way. Digital Asset Mining with biogas is becoming one of the solutions for sustainable mining operations.

This project shows Kontena’s commitment to providing tailored solutions.

Lars Vermeiren
Head of R&D


2/3rd of the racks are filled with S19 and L7 miners. The miners are controlled with a software program to make them run less or harder depending on whether the plant generates more or less excess electricity.


There was a limited space on the roof of the biogas plant. The container fitted perfectly on top and has a proper air flow to cool the miners.