Custom Mining Container for Middle-East Start-up

Kontena delivers custom mining container to Middle Eastern start up for testing its innovative ASIC prototypes.

July 2023

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Designing a Compact Digital Mining Container for a client in the Middle East.

A blockchain tech startup in the Middle East asked Kontena for a custom mining container to test their in-house ASIC devices. The partnership emerged from a shared dedication to quality and innovation, with a joint goal of making an impact in the blockchain and data market. With confined dimensions on their Middle East site, the task was evident: create a custom mining container that’s compact, remote-capable, and resourceful in space use. It had to endure desert temperatures with a robust cooling system and guarantee security through smart locks.


Customizing a Compact Crypto Mining Container for Remote Operations.

Kontena is committed to providing flexible solutions that focus on being easy to use, adaptable, and cost-effective.

We developed a tailored mining container based on our M3 product. This design made it possible to fit the specific site dimensions. It features an efficient fan system for overheating prevention. Equipped with a smart-lock, sensors, and cameras, it ensures security for this remote operation. Intelligent Power Distribution Units (PDUs) offer monitoring and control for the client’s ASIC devices.


Easy Deployment: Ensuring Precision and Quality in Containerized Digital Mining Solutions.

We conducted thorough testing of the custom mining container with the client present. After testing, the container was securely wrapped and was delivered by sea-transport to the middle east. Its swift deployment in Israel illustrates Kontena’s commitment to precision and quality.

The container now awaits the client’s testing project, highlighting the partnership’s focus on innovation and practical solutions in the High density mining scene.

Kontena takes pride in offering tailored solutions to meet the unique circumstances and specific requirements of every client.

Jef Laurijssen


Smart locks, sensors, and cameras provide strong protection and remote monitoring, ensuring data integrity. Kontena's precision and quality assurance offer dependable security for clients' operations.

Custom PDUs

Custom PDUs offer precise control and power measurement, enhancing operational efficiency and ensuring optimal performance. With Kontena's commitment to precision and quality assurance, clients can trust in reliable power management for their operations.

Air cooling

Our efficient fan system helps maintain optimal temperatures, ensuring equipment reliability and longevity. The use of fans enhances heat dissipation by increasing the airflow over heat-generating components, helping to maintain lower operating temperatures. It allows more precise control over the cooling process. Fans can be adjusted or controlled based on temperature requirements or system loads.