M-Line Mining


Custom Mining Container

Custom Mining Container

Continuously striving for modularity, ease of deployment and cost efficiency – from miners, for miners. Your mining situation is unique, your power site is unique, your budget is unique and your mining knowledge is unique.

Striving for modularity, ease of deployment and cost efficiency.

Lars Vermeiren
- Head of innovation

Price: depends on the project

Shipment: depends on the project


Introducing the M-Line ecosystem

Welcome to the future of digital asset mining with Kontena’s M-Line, an advanced ecosystem meticulously crafted for the dynamic world of data centers and mining operations. Emphasizing scalability, precision, and integration, the M-Line stands at the forefront of modular mining solutions.
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Custom Mining Container

Build to your Needs



Within our standardization, we have foreseen maximum customizability. The things you don’t need to worry about, like the quality of the power cabinet and PDR’s, are in our hands. Everything else can be discussed together.

On what levels can we help you defining your requirements?

Site design, location constraints

In a building or outside

With or without other custom mining containers

Container size: standard 20 - 40 feet ISO or anything smaller or bigger

Limitations in space


Coupled and/or stacked container setups

Climate (hot, cold, rain, snow, ...)



Remote monitoring and digital access

Smart PDU’s or non-smart PDU’s

Which types of miners will you use

Cooling options

Passive or active air cooling

EVAP cooling

Immersion cooling

Hydro cooling


Branding: logo’s/design, special setup requirements, color of container/equipment...

tailored made

Kontena’s Custom Mining Container

Our M3c model liberates you from the limitations of stationary buildings, offering a scalable, easily installed, and portable solution. Designed as modular units, these containers can be fully customized to meet any requirments, providing you the versatility to construct your mining farm according to your evolving needs.
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