AI in Data Centers: The Urgent Need for Transformation

AI in Data Centers: The Urgent Need for Transformation

November 2023

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The rapid rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an undeniable reality. Placing new demands on data centers, not only in Belgium but globally. Traditional IT infrastructure often falls short of the high hardware and infrastructure requirements posed by AI. A conventional IT rack consumes an average of 6 to 7 kilowatts. AI applications needs racks capable of handling 40 kilowatts or more and indicating a fifteen- to twentyfold increase in power. A challenge many data centers are not yet equipped to meet.

The growing need for AI-driven capacity has led significant foreign tech companies to lease workspace in European data centers to process data more efficiently and cost-effectively. This places pressure on the Dutch and Belgian data center industry to better prepare for demands that can escalate to 80 kilowatts per rack.


At Kontena, we recognize these challenges and respond with our KONNECT ecosystem of modular and mobile data center approaches. We deliver an approach that readies data centers for both current and future AI requirements.

Our EDGE HPC data rooms are designed to accommodate high-density racks with cooling capacities up to 80 kW per rack. Making them ideal for intensive AI applications.

“With the KONNECT ecosystem, we provide our clients with a straightforward way to invest in this digital transformation.” This illustrates our commitment to leading in the digital infrastructure sector.

The future of data centers lies in embracing AI, not only to enhance data center performance but also to increase efficiency. At Kontena we provide infrastructure that meets the future demands of AI and other advanced technologies.

Kontena: Building the Future of High-Performance Computing Together

With our diverse HPC solutions, including the EDGE HPC data room, ICE cooling units, and support for high-quality network hardware, we are ready to equip the data center industry with essential tools to address these challenges.

This goes beyond hardware; it is a partnership in technological innovation and future-proof solutions.

AI is changing how we process and store data, and at Kontena, we stand ready for this change.


Serge Schellekens

Logistics Manager

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