Kontena Expands into HPC Market with Arkon Energy Partnership

Kontena Expands into HPC Market with Arkon Energy Partnership

December 2023

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Kontena, in collaboration with ElioVP, is excited to announce a partnership with Arkon Energy Pty Ltd (Arkon). This partnership represents an international venture, highlighting Kontena’s dedication to addressing the growing need for modular and efficient computing solutions.

Arkon is an Australian fully renewable data infrastructure company and is set to integrate two mobile KONNECT EDGE containers from Kontena. Located at their High-Performance Computing (HPC) data center location in Glomfjord, Northern Norway.


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The Rise of HPC Data Centers

In an era where computational needs are scaling rapidly, the requirement for high-density computing solutions has become more important. Kontena has been developing the KONNECT ecosystem as a direct response to these needs.

Our ecosystem’s core design revolves around containerized modules, offering easy customization and deployment anywhere. With this adaptability is further enhanced by our diverse range of power supply, data room, and cooling options.

The partnership between Kontena and ElioVP leverages a wealth of expertise. ElioVP specializes in cloud and server optimization and Kontena is renowned for its high-density data center infrastructure solutions. This collaboration aims to harness the strengths of both companies, fostering innovation in the HPC/AI domain.

Looking Forward with Arkon Energy

Kontena is excited about this venture with Arkon Energy, viewing it as a significant step in our journey into the HPC market. This project not only showcases our ability to deliver comprehensive HPC solutions but also lays the groundwork for future collaborations with Arkon Energy as they expand into this sector.

Stay tuned as Kontena will launch its KONNECT Ecosystem in Q1 2024.


Ruud Bruynen

Founder/Head of Marketing

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