The CUBE (CUBE Mezzanines) is a self supporting structure that can be placed inside of a building to host your own mining or HPC operation. It consists out of modular units that can stack and connect seamlessly with each other. Built with a mezzanine steele structure. Combined with our power cabinets, PDU's and racks.

Simple design and easy installation that gives you the option to build as many units as possible to fill your room, with a maximum height of 3 floors (10 meters). The amount of units your location needs can easily be adapted to fill the room.

See it as a building block. Depending on your location and budget, you can start with a few units. You can always ad more later.

  • easy installation
  • customizable for all your needs
  • steele/mezzanine structure combined with our power distribution and racks
  • possibility to add loading docks, staircases, offices, ..