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Bitcoin & Crypto mining container

Mining Consultancy

You want to invest in crypto mining? Ask us for crypto mining consulting services to help you on your way or to setup your business together with you.

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Bitcoin & Crypto mining container

Large Scale Production

Over the past few years we have been optimising our production capacity. Each element is produced in its specialty site and assembled in our factory.

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Bitcoin & Crypto mining container

Container Financing

You want to plan your investment the best way possible. No stress about making your next payment or coming up with a high first investment.

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Container transport

Worldwide Shipping

Your container for mining is a specialized good with vulnerable material inside. Of course, when you buy it, you also want the material to arrive safely on your premises.

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This is – mostly – a sea freight container, specifically designed to be able to host ASIC miners and/or GPU rigs. You have different forms and qualities of a Bitcoin mining container. The exercise buyers should do when purchasing a mining container comes down to “price per kWh”. When the price is too low, most of the time this will have an effect on the uptime of your miners, since constructors of your BTC mining container will have made quality trade-offs on electrical components. When the price is too high, this will affect your business case, since it will be eating your margins.

Prices can vary significantly. Are you interested in purchasing a mining container? Then take into calculations the following base-rule-question: what is the “price per kWh”. When the price is too low, most of the time this will influence the uptime of your miners, since constructors of your BTC mining container will have made quality trade-offs on electrical, (air) filtration and airflow components. When the price is too high, this will affect your business case, since it will be eating your margins.

This depends on:

• The type/length of container

• The type of miner you’d like to place into a container

• The power cabinet built inside a blockchain mining container

• Most containers can fit at least 160 S19 form-factor miners inside a 20ft sea freight container. 

Of course, if your power cabinet is heavy enough and according safety regulations to keep all this power consumption under control.

You need:

• Investment budgets

• (cheap) Electricity available. Most mining power distribution setups require 400V 3P+N. If your site has high voltage available, you will need to step down that power to 400V using a transformer.

• Space to build your mining farm, close to your electricity source if possible to avoid high cabling costs. Ideally, your site has a good climate for mining, moderate temperatures and humidity, and good security to protect your assets.
If climate conditions are sub-optimal, you should contact a mining infrastructure expert to discuss cooling or heat recirculation options. *Check our AFU for cold climate conditions.

• A building or Mining Container to host your miners. The quality of the build will prevent down time and protect your investment.

• Safe and good quality power distribution inside your building or container, using DBs (Distribution Boards) and PDUs (Power Distribution Units).

• A rack-system for easy access and storage of you miners in combination with your PDU’s. Also take cable management into consideration.

• Asic Miners and/or GPU cards in Rigs of your choice.

Before installation, some thought needs to be put into the place and orientation of the container, to ensure protection against wind and rainfall, security and cable lengths for power connection. The flexibility of a containerized solution will ensure an optimal positioning can be found for each situation.

Crypto Mining Containers are usually connected to a 400V power source in 3P+N setup. If higher voltage is available, a transformer will be required.

This depends on a lot of factors. A single mining container can produce sound levels of up to 90dB. However with an intelligent container design and acoustic optimization, much of this sound can be taken away at the source (the container). Sound walls can be used to take away some of the residual noise. If special needs for sound are required (E.g. because you build a farm in a neighbourhood with noise restrictions) a sound-analysis might be needed.

The power consumption of a container depends on the number of miners inside the container, the size of the container and the type of miners.

•Typical consumption ranges from 150kW for a GPU container up to 1MW or more for an ASIC container.

Auxiliary power consumption (non mining) is generally negligible. Additional cooling or ventilation can however add to the total power consumption. 

This depends on a project to project base. At Kontena, for bespoke containers, first roll out in min. 5 weeks depending on configuraton and availability. Containers from stock in general ship at around 3 weeks if no customization is required. Please contact us for planning and scheduling.
We are shipping anywhere in the world.

Yes, absolutely. Of course this largely depends on your site requirements in terms of regulations, electrics and climate conditions. Our Kontena consultants are available to discuss the optimal configuration for your specific project.

Yes, this is sometimes even a lot easier and more flexible than a building, since mining containers are modular, plug & play, have shorter lead times, often require no permits and can be transported easily.
Check our M3c or M3.

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Bitcoin & Crypto mining containers

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Kontena is a Belgian company founded in 2017. In a world of AI, 3D rendering and crypto mining, we build custom modular containerized datacenters.
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