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Miner hosting Iceland - Norway


Norway is the European leader when it comes to crypto mining and facilitating all things crypto. We have our own mining site in the cold north of the country.

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Miner Hosting Iceland- Norway


In Iceland everything is special. Wild nature with hot water springs and the northern light. New technology and the crypto world are new ways Iceland is investing in.

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Miner hosting Paraguay


With its enormous amount of green electricity, coming from 2 big rivers, Paraguay have a steady and cheap power net. Our latest mining site is developed and ready to mine.

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Miner hosting

Your mining site?

Are you the owner of a reliable and serious crypto hosting facility? Would you like to be part of our network of partners and acces our pool of costomers? Please contact us and start the validation and verification process of your miner hosting datacenter.

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Frequently Asked Questions

At this moment, we have ASIC miner hosting sites in Norway, Iceland and Paraguay. However they can be all over the world. We select ASIC mining hosting and colocation Bitcoin hosting partners only from those countries who have a well regulated legal system.

No. In the end it’s our partner's decision whether they would like to make an exception, but the general rule is that a visit to the hosting locations will not be possible. This for security reasons. This rule protects your miners as well.

Yes, all our partners have at least a VPN connection. Some offer even more services via an online dashboard with the possibility to organise a stop-start of your miner from your home.

Yes, we only select partners who have insured your material within their installations. Details on this matter need to be discussed with our partners themselves.

This depends on the partner where your miners will be hosted. Some ask a prepayment and work with a counter / kWh consumed, others will send a bill before the new month starts. Most of the time, energy is prepaid.

All our partners have at least a helpdesk which offers a non-automated answer within the first 24 hours. For problem tackling and downtime vs being live again and the clauses this brings, this will need to be checked per partner.

Unfortunately not. We only have partners who help you with asic miner hosting. The main reason being, that GPU cards placed in a mining rig, request a lot more maintenance than asic miners.

The site operator will perform diagnostic and repair engineering work if required.

Depends on each hosting location. Current offer are al for 12 months.