Mobile Transformer Units

Flexible transformers - international shipment - short lead times - rent or buy

Mobile containerized transformer solutions for a fast plug & play approach of your mining farm.

Kontena and it’s partners strive to create a hands-off environment for any investor that sees opportunities in the mining landscape. Together with a leading player in the world of mobile transformer solutions, we have created a strong partnership with record leadtimes, for fast deployment of your mining farm.

Why Kontena?

Mining Consultancy

You want to invest in crypto mining? Ask us for crypto mining consulting services to help you on your way or to setup your business together with you.

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Large Scale Production

Over the past few years we have been optimising our production capacity. Each element is produced in its specialty site and assembled in our factory.

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Container Financing

You want to plan your investment the best way possible. No stress about making your next payment or coming up with a high first investment.

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Worldwide Shipping

Your container is a specialized good with vulnerable material inside. Of course, when you buy it, you also want the material to arrive safely on your premises.

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