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CUBE Mezzanines

CUBE Mezzanines

The CUBE Mezzanine is a self-supporting structure that can be placed inside of a building to host your own digital asset mining operation.

Customizable solution for every indoor data center.

Jef Laurijssen
- Founder

Price: depends on project

Shipment: 4-5 weeks


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Welcome to the future of digital asset mining with Kontena’s M-Line, an advanced ecosystem meticulously crafted for the dynamic world of data centers and mining operations. Emphasizing scalability, precision, and integration, the M-Line stands at the forefront of modular mining solutions.
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CUBE Mezzanines

to host your own mining operation


The CUBE is a self supporting structure that can be placed inside of a building to host your own mining or HPC operation. It consists out of modular units that can stack and connect seamlessly with each other. Built with a mezzanine steele structure. Combined with our power cabinets, PDU’s and racks.

Easy to deploy

Simple design and easy installation

Cubes mezzanines give you the option to build as many units as possible to fill your room, with a maximum height of 3 floors (10 meters). The amount of units your location needs can easily be adapted to fill the room.
See it as a building block. Depending on your location and budget, you can start with a few units. You can always add more later.
Containerized mezzanine structures optimize vertical space, providing additional usable floor space without the need for expansion or relocation. This is crucial for maximizing the potential of existing facilities.

1 CUBE unit is fitted with

Custom Built Racks


Network and a main power cabinet

Possibility to add filtration units, exhaust fans, louvres, ...

Size: 6,6 m wide x 2,5 m deep x 3,5 m high

For example: Each bay can hold 192 S19-type miners for crypto mining

Customizable for all your needs

It is a structure with easy installation. The steele/mezzanine structure is easily combined with our power distribution and racks.

Different types of units/rooms can be placed at any position in the structure

Mining bays, classical data center bays, staircases, offices, storage rooms and/or loading docks on each floor