HX – Heat Exchanger

HX – Heat Exchanger

The KONNECT HX is a fully customizable liquid-to-liquid heat exchanger (HX), housed within either an open or closed container frame.

We specialize in versatile and efficient thermal solutions specifically aimed at data centers and mining operations

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Our ecosystem

Part of the KONNECT HPC ecosystem

The product is part of our KONNECT ecosystem. We provide an extensive array of modular components designed to seamlessly initiate any High-Performance Computing (HPC) operation. Our products range from power supply units and data rooms to a variety of cooling solutions. By utilizing top-tier components and leveraging smart modular design, we introduce an alternative to traditional data centers. This approach not only cuts costs but also accelerates deployment and improves scalability at any location.
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The HX – Heat Exchanger is engineered from the ground up to align with the specific requirements of your application. Integrated with the primary cooling system, it ensures consistent internal temperatures in the data room, while efficiently extracting excess heat for reuse within any given system. The HX reduces power consumption on the primary cooling unit, improving the system PUE.

Each unit comprises a heat exchanger, a pumping set (such as a booster pump) and a temperature optimizer. This optimizer serves to adjust the temperature as needed. Additionally, the unit can function as a pre-heating device if desired.

Our Product Configurations Include

Strong Air-to-Air Systems

Optimal for scenarios where both the heat source and the area to be cooled or heated involve air streams. These systems are commonly utilized in data centers for efficient ventilation and air conditioning.

Liquid-to-Liquid Systems

Designed for applications involving the transfer of heat between two liquid streams, these systems excel in environments that require precise temperature control, such as cooling data center hardware.

Liquid-to-Air Systems

Ideal for setups where a liquid source needs to transfer heat to an air stream. These are often used in data center cooling and refrigeration setups.

Air-to-Liquid Systems

Perfect for applications where an air stream needs to transfer heat to a liquid medium. This is often useful in specialized cooling solutions within data centers and mining operations.

In addition to our standard modules, we offer customized thermal solutions engineered to your specific requirements. Our systems are designed for high efficiency, precise temperature control, and low maintenance.

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Additional Services

At Kontena, we specialize in versatile and efficient thermal solutions specifically aimed at data centers and mining operations. Our product line is comprehensive, offering both standard modular options as well as tailored solutions to meet your exact needs.

To complement our products, we offer a range of services backed by our experienced engineers and technicians. These services include expert consultation on system design, optimization, and ongoing maintenance.

Whether you’re overseeing a data center or a mining operation, Kontena is committed to delivering thermal solutions that meet your needs while exceeding your expectations. Contact us today to explore how we can enable your success through efficient and innovative thermal management.

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