POWER – UPS & Batteries

POWER – UPS & Batteries

The UPS container ensures uninterrupted uptime and safeguards the equipment by maintaining proper power quality. Housed in a 20ft ISO container, it can deliver a maximum of 1500kW in this configuration, depending on the requested battery size.

Flexible power whenever and wherever you need it.

Lars Vermeiren
- Head of R&D

Price: upon request

Shipment: 4 weeks

Our ecosystem

Part of the KONNECT HPC ecosystem

The product is part of our KONNECT ecosystem. We provide an extensive array of modular components designed to seamlessly initiate any High-Performance Computing (HPC) operation. Our products range from power supply units and data rooms to a variety of cooling solutions. By utilizing top-tier components and leveraging smart modular design, we introduce an alternative to traditional data centers. This approach not only cuts costs but also accelerates deployment and improves scalability at any location.
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POWER – UPS & Batteries

Uninterrupted uptime, flexible POWER

These containers are climate-controlled to ensure consistent performance even in though environments. Inside, you’ll find an automatic transfer switch, a modular UPS system, battery cabinets (available in lithium or lead acid options), a battery protection cabinet, and an upstream feeding cabinet.

All components are sourced within our well established network of partners. This way we reduce lead-times whilst maintaining a high quality level. A wide variety of industrial standard communications are possible either on the UPS unit itself or via an optional logical controller.

At Kontena, we are dedicated to realistic and practical energy solutions. Our focus is on delivering reliable solutions without overpromising.

UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)

Instant Backup

UPS systems provide immediate power backup during outages, preventing data loss and ensuring uninterrupted operations.

Voltage Regulation

They stabilize voltage, safeguarding sensitive electronics from power fluctuations and guaranteeing consistent performance.

Energy Efficiency

High-efficiency UPS models reduce energy consumption, cutting operational costs and minimizing environmental impact.

Remote Monitoring

Advanced UPS units offer remote monitoring, enabling real-time insights into status, allowing proactive maintenance and minimizing downtime.

Backup Battery

High Energy Density

Backup batteries provide a high energy density, providing substantial power storage in a compact size, ensuring optimal backup durations.

Quick Recharge

These batteries feature rapid recharge capabilities, minimizing downtime and ensuring they are ready to provide backup power swiftly after use.

Long Cycle Life

Backup batteries are designed for longevity, offering a large number of charge and discharge cycles before any significant capacity reduction, ensuring durability and cost-effectiveness.


Many backup batteries are sealed and maintenance-free, requiring minimal attention while offering reliable performance, making them convenient and hassle-free for users.