Scaling Up with New Headquarters to Meet Rising Demand in HPC and AI

Scaling Up with New Headquarters to Meet Rising Demand in HPC and AI

April 2024

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Kontena has reached a major milestone by relocating and expanding its headquarters to a larger office and production site. This transition allows Kontena to better meet the growing demand in the rapidly expanding HPC and AI market.


New Facility Details

Our new headquarters boasts a 4,800-square-meter warehouse, a spacious office, and a 2,700-square-meter outdoor area for shipments. The site is strategically located in the Port of Antwerp, the second largest port in Europe. This significant expansion from our previous location, gives us the space and infrastructure to support our continued growth. Kontena is now in an even better position to build and deliver prefabricated modular HPC solutions at increased volume and high quality levels. We have already started with two units for Nscale, and another eight in the pipeline. These 45-foot data containers and cooling units, part of our KONNECT ecosystem, will be deployed at Nscale’s Norwegian site and enhancing their operational capacity. Nscale will be supplied with high density units of over 600kW each, combining full redundancy with Tier III grade concurrent maintainability and very low Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE).



From Bitcoin to High-Density Data Centers

This move represents Kontena’s evolution from our early days in the Bitcoin mining sector to becoming an all-around solution provider in the high-density data center industry. We continue to focus on modular solutions and quality, which remain at the core of our business. By relocating, we reinforce our commitment to delivering top-notch products and services to our clients.


Expanding Our Product Line

Kontena’s new headquarters will enable us to expand our product line. The prefabricated modular HPC data centers (EDGE) are designed for scalability and flexibility. With advanced cooling systems and power solutions to meet diverse client needs. We use premium components, ensuring high performance and reliability. Our cooling systems, such as the ICE unit, use energy-efficient technology to maintain optimal temperatures in high-density environments. The power solutions include Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) and backup batteries to guarantee uninterrupted operations.


Supporting a Broader Range of Clients

With the larger facility, Kontena is positioned to support a broader range of clients in the high-density data center industry. Our scalable infrastructure accommodates the rising demand in the HPC and AI markets, providing reliable solutions for various applications, from data processing to AI and machine learning.


Looking Ahead

Stay tuned for more updates as we settle into our new location and ramp up production. We look forward to sharing more about our journey and how we continue to serve the high-density data center and HPC and AI markets.


Ruud Bruynen

Founder/Head of Marketing

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