Custom Data Container for Testing of Innovative New ASIC Design

Custom Data Container for Testing of Innovative New ASIC Design

March 2023

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Kontena proudly announces the successful delivery of a specialized data container to an innovative blockchain chip startup based in the Middle East.

A Custom Data Container based on the proven M3

The startup selected Kontena to supply a custom mining container for the purpose of testing their in-house developed ASIC devices. Featuring advanced attributes, the delivered data container is a variant of Kontena’s M3 model. In close collaboration, the container was tailored to meet the startup’s specific needs, while maintaining the M-Line’s typical focus on quality and efficiency.

The design was adapted to fit the site’s available space and layout. The M3 data container features an efficient fan system designed to endure the hot climate of the Middle East, while still allowing for fast overseas delivery. The container is equipped with smart locks, sensors, and cameras, adding security and remote monitoring capabilities. Intelligent Power Distribution Units (PDUs) provide smart control and power measurement for the startup’s ASIC devices.

Kontena takes pride in offering tailored solutions to meet the unique circumstances and specific requirements of every client.

Ruud Bruynen

The data container underwent extensive testing, a testament to a shared commitment to quality. Withstanding the challenges of maritime transit, the container arrived on time in the Middle East and now stands ready to support the startup’s product testing efforts.

This project underscores our passion for building innovative, high-quality products. The Kontena team looks forward to further contributing to the startup’s plans to disrupt the ASIC market.


Lars Vermeiren

Founder/Head of R&D

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