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Air Filtration Caps

Air Filtration Caps

Kontena’s air filtration caps allow for mounting twice the amount of high airflow panel filters, for increased air flow.

Our best M-Line filtration system today.

Lars Vermeiren
- R&D

Price: €450,- / cap

Shipment: 4-8 weeks


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Filtration Caps

Adding surface and airflow


With the air filtration caps, we provide more filtration surface on your data center. More filters also means less maintenance and lower frequency of filter replacement. The filters are mounted in a horizontal position, allowing to better protect the filters against heavy weather like wind, rain and snow. As for all of our products, attention has gone into the design of the caps so that they are easy to transport and install.

Container frame

With the use of Kontena's container frames, installation is super easy. A 20ft container can hold 12 filtration caps. Each cap holds 6 panel filters of size 24x24x4 inch.

Aluminium caps

The caps are stackable for shipment. The use of aluminum ensures light caps and can be mounted without forklifts. Retrofitting the caps into a standard Kontena M3 or HPC/GPU container is possible.