Kontena's role in northern Europe

Kontena has guided several operations in the North. Our containers are deployed and running smoothly in northern Europe.
 They withstand the cold conditions perfectly. Kontena is responsible for the deployment and delivery of several dozen miner containers to the most remote regions of Scandinavia and delivering them swiftly without a scratch.

Kontena also acts as a broker for both miners and data centers. For crypto miners in search of power and data centers who look for miners to fill the space they provide.

The Nordic region is a haven for bitcoin miners, you can trust Kontena to help you thrive in it.

Our focus points

Mining containers

We created several containerized data centers in northern Europe. Both inside of a building and in the open air. Our ASIC containers are running smoothly.

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Miner hosting

Currently booking miner hosting in Iceland on a renewable energy farm (hydro). We host your asic miners for a fixed energy price on one of our state-of-the-art mining sites.

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Crypto/HPC data centers

Our infrastructure transforms the inside of your building into a state of the art data center. Using our CUBE, mezzanine built infrastructure.

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Worldwide shipment

Your container is a specialized good with vulnerable material inside. We will deliver safely with specialized transportation for the Nordic region.

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